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Hair Color

Our Hair Color services offer a broad range of customized color options, aiming to suit individual preferences, from subtle changes to dramatic transformations. Expert colorists carefully consider skin tone and style to create a personalized shade. The service includes comprehensive consultations, diverse color choices, various coloring techniques, and prioritizes hair health. The goal is to provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience, ensuring clients leave with vibrant, beautiful hair and maintenance guidance.


Highlights involve strategically placing lighter tones in specific sections of the hair to add dimension and a natural, sun-kissed look. Skilled stylists choose lighter shades that complement the individual’s features, creating a vibrant and dynamic appearance. The technique mimics the way the sun naturally lightens hair for a luminous effect. There are various highlighting techniques, and maintenance may include touch-up appointments to maintain the desired look. A personalized consultation with a stylist is crucial to tailor the highlights to the individual’s hair type, style, and preferences.


Ombré is a hair coloring technique that creates a seamless gradient effect from darker roots to lighter ends, mimicking a natural sun-kissed look. It offers versatility in color choices and is low-maintenance due to the gradual transition, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. The application involves expert blending to achieve a smooth transition. Ombré can be personalized to suit individual hair types and preferences, making it a popular and adaptable option for various styles.


Balayage is a hand-painted hair coloring technique known for creating soft, natural highlights with a seamless blend of colors. The process aims to mimic a sunlit glow, offering a naturally beautiful finish. Balayage provides versatility in color choices, is adaptable to different hair types and lengths, and is low-maintenance with no distinct regrowth lines. Personalized consultation and skilled application by a colorist are essential for achieving a precise and tailored balayage effect.

Root Color & Cut

Root Color and Cut is a comprehensive hair service involving two main elements. First, it addresses regrowth by skillfully matching and applying color to the roots, seamlessly blending with the existing or previous hair color. Second, it includes a personalized haircut based on a consultation considering face shape, lifestyle, and preferences. The combined service aims to refresh your look, providing a tailored appearance and leaving you feeling fabulous and confident. The approach is professional, detail-oriented, and designed to enhance your overall hair aesthetic.

Hair Styling

The White Room Beauty Spa offers a personalized hairstyling service that enhances appearance for special occasions or personal indulgence. Beginning with a thorough consultation, the stylist tailors the hairstyle to the client’s preferences, hair type, and occasion. Various styling techniques and high-quality products are used to create a customized look, emphasizing adaptability and versatility. The service aims to boost confidence and leave clients feeling exceptional with their newly styled hair.


A toner is a semi-permanent hair color product that refines and enhances the desired hair color by neutralizing unwanted tones. It is applied after the initial hair dyeing process to correct undertones and achieve the intended shade. Toners come in various types tailored to address specific color issues, such as neutralizing brassiness or adding warmth. Professional application by a stylist ensures accurate selection and effective results, leaving the hair looking polished and beautifully toned.

Fantasy Color

Fantasy Color is a dynamic hair coloring option allowing for creative expression with an array of vibrant and imaginative shades. This bold and artistic technique provides a platform for individuals to personalize their style, choosing from a wide range of non-traditional colors such as bright neons, pastels, metallics, and more. The application techniques can vary, providing versatility and customization to suit personal preferences and hair types. Maintaining hair health is emphasized, and the service encourages confidence and self-expression through unique and visually stunning hair colors.

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